1.- Can I have posted my work at Toybox?

Nop. This site was meant to host my fan works only.

2.-Can I take the drawings that you have posted here, to my site?

Yes of course!  But please send me a mail before. As usual cropping or adding text is not allowed (you can craft thumbnails of the arts of course).  I only ask to be linked back and my name next to the drawing.

3.-Where can I contact you?

my email is opimekiya(.)gmail(.)com. Please use this wisely. Write Feedback on the subject. Otherwise I won’t be able to know your mail is about the fan art and most probably is I’ll delete it.

4.-Can I link to your site?

Yes! It’s link free. Just notify me, so that I can know to whom I’ve been linked to and so that I can post your banner at my site:)



1.-Do You take Requests?

Nop. But that doesn’t mean you can’t suggest a pic ;)

2.- Do you take commissions for Fan art?

Well, I have done STS images for magazines (as an illustrator), and I usually don’t take comissions. But again, if you must have a drawing made by me, send me an email and we’ll talk about it.

3.-What do you use to color your pics?

For traditional work, I prefer to use watercolors to do all those drawings. Brands vary from what I desire to obtain. I use Windsor and Newton, Guitar (Japanese brand of cake colours), as well as Dr. PH martin’s concentrated watercolors. I also use Prismacolor pencils and a lot of regular pens to create the pics. I also use a lot of black and white ink. Both Chinese and Indian. As for digital, I use the painter program and nowadays Photoshop.

4.- If I have any questions about the tutorial, can I ask you?

Yes, If you have a question after reading the tutorial section, you are very welcomed to ask.

5.- Can you teach me how to draw?

I posted some tutorials here. I’m afraid I can’t do anything else to help you. I would advise you to practice and draw everything around you. Things, people, animals Etc. It’s the only way to get better.

6.- Besides the colouring tutorials, would you be posting a drawing tutorial?

mmm… I don’t think so. -_-U sorry.I’m a lazy woman ….
7.- Can I add your DA, AO3, Twitter, to my watcher’s list?

You really don’t need my permission to do that! I’m always up for sharing drawings and fics. That’s why I have this space and stuff. Sorry if I was being a little adamant about the email but I’m a very private person… But hey if you want to talk and stuff, you can always contact me through DA :)