My name is Aurea Freniere and while in the web I’m this pesky little obsessed thing with all sts related stuff,  in real life I do backgrounds and Story Boards for animation (also when time allows I work as a freelance illustrator for magazines and books).

I decided to open this space 7 years ago as the fan arts started to pile on. So yeah, my special Toy Box is a bit old, but even when I space out and dissappear now and then  from fandom, STS is an anime that I love very much,  so I always, always return to post new sts drawings or in the recent years, fan fiction. For sure!

You can find me through the web in DA, Archive of our Own and my personal art site: Opimekiya! 

If you want to contact me (if you absolutely must) you can easily contact me through DA, by leaving a comment on my art site ;) or as a last resource at opimekiya (at) gmail (dot) com.