Gee! I don’t know what to say *sobs* I just HAD to construct this space, to honor
the people who kindly took their time to create something for me, or given the case
to dedicate it. It’s truly and honor, really! Thanks for the incredible friendship!

Fan Art

Let’s start with Fan art. As you see there are really talented people who drew this for me. I guess I’m a lucky girl after all… :))). Click on the images to read a brief description about it.


Fan  Fics

I love this pieces of fiction that people wrote as a gift or as a request. I love being spoiled by friends. All fics link to different sites where the fics are hosted. All those marked with an asterisk link to Toybox.

ETA: all the fics will link to toybox itself. Turns out I was checking the links and most of the sites were goneeee D: so I’m reposting everything in my server. I don’t want to loose my precious ficsss no, no, no!




She wrote only for me the series named Siegfried’s dilemma, to honor the opening of the halls. It’s just hilarious and you have to read them :) (lj hosted, thus external linked).

Name: Siegfried’s Dilemmas.
Genre: Parody
Language: English.

Mime’s New Friend
Hagen’s Old Enemy.
Tholl’s New Girlfriend
Fenrir’s Last Straw
Cyd’s Impossible Fear
Alberich’s Little Fish



She’s an incredible friend and and incredible writter as well. I really feel lucky an honoured to have this fic of hers, which I adore. Centered on Siegfried and Hilda.

Name: Holy Desire
Language: English
Genre: Serious



When Ariadne showed me this, my brain just stopped. So go read them. These are wonderful pieces of fan fiction! My friends, really, *really* spoil me! *_______*
Language: English
Genre: Serious, threesome

Name:Three to Tango
Language: English
Genre: Serious, threesome

Language: English
Genre: Serious, threesome

Name:Solo una noche
Language: Spanish
Genre: serious (Milo x FC of mine :D)

Something I asked Ari in the chat. I think I’m allowed to do this once…<3 I was seriously tempted so why the hell not? .



Yet another wonderful piece of fan fiction. Itsy bitsy Yaoi :)))) and was a b-gift!. This fic is centered again in Siegfried and Hilda

Name:Can you feel a little love? (Dream on)
Language: Spanish
Genre: Serious, AU, YAOI


Sesa Fics

Here is a collection of all the fics I’ve received over the years as a participant on the Sesa Event. Read them all, worth every minute of your time! :D

Epiphany by Zhela (2008)

Growing Pains by Derrewyn (2009)

Mastersmith by Toffee (2011)